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Current Affairs

At least six people were dead and 31 missing after a tourist boat sank in a reservoir in northwestern Colombia, the country's president said.
Years of Israeli siege, coupled with crippling electricity cuts, have pushed the Gaza Strip's health system close to failure.
The fallout from London's devastating tower block fire has continued as the government announced 60 high-rises have failed safety tests, while authorities struggle to evacuate some residents.
Israel's government has cancelled a landmark deal to create a space for women and men to pray together at the Western Wall, angering activists who have fought for the change for years.
President Donald Trump has stepped up his criticism of Barack Obama's response to concerns Russia was trying to disrupt the 2016 election, and some Democratic lawmakers agree.
A small Kentucky town has, for the fourth time, elected a dog to be its mayor.
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer says Senate passage of the Republican bill to replace former President Barack Obama's health law is too close to call.
Thousands of protesters are demanding that Belgium immediately shut down two nuclear reactors because of safety concerns.
The British government is urging local officials across the country to submit samples of tower block cladding "as a matter of urgency" after tests found that all cladding samples so far have failed fire safety tests.
A bomb resembling a toy has killed at least six children in Pakistan's northwestern tribal area bordering Afghanistan, officials say.
A droopy-eyed white dog apparently looking for its owner, has been found in the rubble of a landslide that buried a village in southwest China.
More than 1 500 people, many of them staying at a camp site, have been evacuated as a precaution after a fire broke out at a nature reserve in Spain famed for its biodiversity.
A car has ploughed into a group of faithful leaving Eid prayers in Newcastle, but British police don't believe the incident was terror related.
Police say five people have died after a cable car came crashing down from a height of at least 30m after derailing from a pulley at a tourist resort in India.
Eleven days after laying his son to rest, an 82-year-old California man got a call from his supposedly dead son, after officials realised they had misidentified a body.
At least 148 people have died and 50 are in a critical condition after an overturned oil tanker burst into flames on a highway in Pakistan.
Rescuers in China are digging through earth and rocks for a second day in an increasingly bleak search for some 118 people still missing after their village vanished under a huge landslide.
The Syrian government has released hundreds of detainees including some who backed the insurgency against President Bashar Assad.
A Pakistani official says more than 100 people have been killed after an oil tanker overturned and burst into flames.
The UN's health agency and their children's fund say the number of suspected cases in a cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen now exceeds 200 000.

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